Bridging Cultures, Connecting Histories




T​​​​​​​his is an international research, education, and publication project administered by the  Ricci Institute for Chinese-Western Cultural History at the University of San Francisco in ​collaboration with Brill Academic Publishers  in the Netherlands. It is funded by a generous four-year grant from the Henry Luce Foundation.  The purpose of the project is to further scholarly research on Christianity in East Asia with a particular emphasis on two different types of study: (1) independent historical narratives of Chinese, Japanese, and Korean Christian communities within their respective cultural spheres; and (2) explorations of the historical connections that bind Chinese Christian culture to that of Japan and Korea within the emerging field of global history.
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UPDATE! March 17, 2019:
The Ricci Institute invites applications from for its study tour in Nagasaki (September 26-29, 2019) and its third post-doctoral workshop at the Kirishitan Bunko of Sophia University in Tokyo (October 2-5, 2019).

Beijing Nantang
Ōura Tenshudō, Nagasaki
Jeoldusan Martyrs' Memorial

Nantang, Beijing

​​Jeoldusan  Martyrs'  Memorial,  Seoul

Ōura Tenshudō, Nagasaki

北京 南堂

서울 절두산 순교성지

長崎 大浦天主堂

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